Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

WIP Wednesday: I'm on Fire

 This week is the last week of semester break, I have to go back to university on Monday. The weather is so wonderful the last two weeks so I try to enjoy my last days of freetime between two seminar papers.

Today I spun a new yarn for my big colour spectrum project. It is spun from merino and alpaca and my second coiled yarn
It is the third yarn for the scarf and I think I can start to knit the next days.

Weather was perfect for spinning on my balcony and listening to an audio book. I love sitting there in the afternoon sun, watching the sunset. The yarn fits perfect on this setting and was inspired by a song of Train - She's on Fire.

Oh, I can see my own reflection in the screen - you too? :-)

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  1. Sehr schönes Garn und noch tollerer Balkon, da kommt Neid auf, wenn man selbst höchstens mal Sonne durchs Fenster abbekommt ...