Montag, 26. März 2012

Another Pair of Yoga Socks

I always knit socks or yoga socks as presents or barter objects. Today I finally managed to finish a pair for myself.
I wanted to have socks for my regular yoga practise. They keep my feet warm and cosy but wearing them feels like beeing barefoot. You can't slip on the pad because toes and heels are naked. Have a look on Ravelry!
(Yoga socks are perfect for decreasing the stash.)


  1. Die sind ja schön :) Ich hab eine Yoga Hose mit solchen Füßen dran und die trage ich auch ganz besonders gerne (nicht nur zum Yoga) weil das so bequem ist <3

  2. Those are neat :)

    Listened to your podcast- you did reeaaally good, I though ;)