Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

WIP Wednesday: A Change is as Good as a Rest

Last month I started to knit legwarmers for me. I knitted a lot of fingerless gloves and armwarmers in the last years but no legwarmers. I found this wonderful free pattern on Ravelry called some cloudy day. It is easy to knit but so wonderful - I love this simple lace patterns.
The pattern is easy but nevertheless I made some mistakes and had to frog a part. I hate frogging and so I always make break and need some time to restart knitting. So this first legwarmers took some time but since yesterday it's finished.

 I wasn't in the mood to start the second legwarmer and so I looked for a hat pattern for my new Diana art yarn. I found Shilling which has something to do with the film "The King's Speech". The designer Chris Terramane says: "Named for a scene in the film The King’s Speech where King George VI finally pays his bet of one shilling to speech therapist Lionel Logue, this hat has an old-fashioned air."
I love the film and watched it two or three times (I'm a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter!) and the hat is so cool.


  1. Ohhh, I love how the Diana yarn is turning out! That will be one gorgeous hat :-)
    I thought of knitting leg warmers, too, when it was so terribly cold - but now I have somehow lost my motivation, seeing spring is already around the corner. I'm knitting fingerless mittens instead (once again) :-)


    1. I wanted to knit legwarmers since months and if I don't knit them now, I'll never do it. So I have them for next autumn and winter.

  2. Ok, now I know it: I MUST knit these legwarmers. I have grey handspun masham yarn, but I'm unsure if it will be enough. I used about 20% of it for sampling and I think there are only 80g left.
    Gorgeous art yarn.

    1. Grey and handspun sounds wonderful :-) Grey can be such a nice colour.