Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

My Workplace

Today I want to show you some pictures of my workplaces in my new flat. As I told you last year I had to move because my ex boyfriend left me.
The renovation is finished now but there are still some unfinished corners. For example I don't have a sofa and have to sit on pillows on the floor. This is okay but not best for my back... I need kitchen chairs. My bedroom is a little chaotic because there are still some tools my uncle has to collect soon.
And I want to buy some green plants for my living room.
Behind the tv there is a lovely little corner. I can sit and spin there and I have a good view on my balcony. It's extraordinary cosy because I can sit in front of the heater.

The apothecary cabinet which contains parts of my fibre stash and all the odds and ends for art yarns stands under the stairs in the living room. There is a big box in the other room and I have to look for a good solution how to store it. Besides the cabinet you can see my niddy noddy, hand cards and a box and a paper bag with the yarns I want to keep.

Here you can see all the yarns which are in my shop (the red one doesn't belong there...). I love to present them in this basket because all my guests can touch and see them :-) A vase keeps my spindles.
The framed picture is a collage I made from postcards I got at Etsy meet ups. They explain Etsy so that my guests get to know the concept. And of course the postcards are handmade and beautiful.

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  1. Oooh, I love your spinning corner! So cozy indeed :-) Your new flat really looks wonderful, and I hope you'll be able to get some kitchen chairs and a sofa soon!