Samstag, 11. Februar 2012


102m / 80g
merino, alpaca, angelina

This week I received a parcel from my friend Cheshire Cat. She sent me delicious Swiss chocolate, handmade potholders, alpaca fibre, incense and two handcarded batts.
I had to spin the green batt immediately because it was so beautiful. Woody art yarns are perfect! I combined the merino and alpaca wool with gold and green sequins and various little beads.

Now I have to look for a fitting pattern. I think about a hat (I had to give a way my last knitted hat, it wasn't my style). I have no idea which hat pattern is best for me. Most time I wear my hear braided over one shoulder and most hats look best with loose hair. Do you have a hint for me?


  1. This is my favorite pattern at the moment. I think it looks certainly great with braided hair.

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  2. Nach einem wirklich guten "hat pattern" suche ich auch noch...

  3. Hast du mal über ein Stirnband nachgedacht?
    Wie strickst du Mützen, mit den Rundstricknadeln oder Nadelspiel?

    1. Ich finde Stirnbänder meistens nicht besonders toll. Wenn, dann eher ganz dünn (oder aus Stoff) als Haarschmuck. Zum Warmhalten eher nicht so.