Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

WIP Wednesday: Colour Spectrum

The Mad Hatter
95 m / 82 g
merino wool

It's the first time since months I think that I spun something for myself. And I'm so happy about my new yarn :-)
gave me this sweet tea pot charms for Yule - I found them on Etsy last year and fell in love. Immediately I thought about the Mad Hatter's tea party in Wonderland and wanted to spin an inspired art yarn. This yarn is spun from blood red merino wool and handyed glitter fibre. The tea pots and the red sparkly pompoms are so cool, I think.

Last year I had the idea to start a big and wide scarf for me. I want to knit it from my own handspun art yarns (of course!) in a colour spectrum. So I have to spin a lot of yarns and The Mad Hatter is the first one for this project. Now I have to spin and spin and spin and look for a pattern.


  1. Fantastic yarn! I love the pompoms, too, as you know, and I also rather like the teapots :-) Your project sounds exciting, please keep us posted!


  2. Of course, I will blog about my project :-)
    Sadly most of the tea pots are to big for my orifice. But I think about earrings...

    Thanks a lot for your comment and your Facebook post!