Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

WIP Wednesday: Just the two (rows) of us...

In December I startet to knit this wonderful "Sea Pearls Hat" I found on Ravelry (if you aren't a Ravelry user you can see the hat here). I got two balls of mohair wool for Christmas and tried to finish this project until New Year because I wanted to wear it in my holidays.
Maybe I was too hectic or just stupid but just five rows before finishing the hat I realized that I forgot to knit the main part of my work. How stupid is this?! I knitted the cuff and than started the decreasing rows.
Because mohair is so hard to frog it took some days and I restarted my project this week.
I hope I have enough time between all my university stuff to knit on this evening. Because there are only two knitted rows until today I didn't want to show you my project but this wonderful row counter bracelet my dear friend Weird made for me.

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