Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Vampires, Gardeners and Holiday

Today I want to show you my latest yarns. Two of them are available on Etsy since a little time. Maybe you want to have a look at my shop and check them out: Click!

Fancy Gardening
159 m / 173 yd
90 g / 3,17 uz
12-14 wpi

Lacrimosa de Magpyr
141 m / 154 yd
100 g / 3,53 uz
11-13 wpi

Lacrimosa is 200 years old and a teenage vampire from Terry Pratchett's discworld novels. She behaves rebellious, quarrelsome and grumpy. Lacrimosa likes to torture cats and to be brutal to everybody she meets. And she uses a rash of black mascara.
All in all she is unsympathetic over head and ears but sometimes this characters are the most interesting.

Caribbean Holiday
115 m / 125 yd
100 g / 3,53 uz
8 wpi
merino, linen, silk, bamboo

Caribbean Holiday is spun in special technique called corespun. It means that the fibres are spun around a commercial thread at an angle of 90°. This technique needs a lot of fibre but the looks quite beautiful and extraordinary.
Caribbean Holiday is my newest creation and will be in the shop this evening or maybe tomorrow morning.

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  1. he he fantastische Farbkombinationen. super originell Grüß!