Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011

I know, there are some weeks left for the tour ;-)
Between July 2nd and July 24th the Tour de France will take place. At the same time there is the Tour de Fleece. There are some differnet teams which try to spin a yarn a day during the tour.
This year I joined again Team Breakaway - the art yarn spinners. There is also a Team for people who can't spin a yarn a day (Team Latern Rouge). I have to write my Bachelor thesis now and there isn't so much time to spin.
And - as last year - we founded our own team. "We" are a German art yarn community called "Spinnkult" and so there is Team Spinnkult again.

Now I'm carding new rolags and collecting ideas. I'm thinking about some spooky Halloween yarns with eyeballs :-)

Did you join the tour? For which team/s do you spin? What are your personal aims?

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