Montag, 25. April 2011

Granny Weatherwax

(This is just a snapshoot - there will be some better pictures on

Easter holidays are so sunny this year and so we had a lot of plans the last days. There wasn't so much time to spin.
Today I finished a new discworld art yarn - it's Esme! It wasn't easy to interpret her character but I think I managed it. For me it was important to use glow-in-the-dark fibre for her yarn.

Granny Weatherwax
121 m / 132 yd
95 g / 3,35 uz
11-13 wpi
wensleydale, linen, glow-in-the-dark fibre


  1. It definitely fits Esme Weatherwax! I mean the only good color for a witch is black, isn't it ;). But I guess the blue-ish will be ok, just one exception this time *g*. I'd love to see this yarn in the dark. Try to take a pic, please!

    I just had a look at your Susan Sto Helit art yarn again. I really like the colors and the structure of it.

    Keep on spinning for Discworld :)!

  2. My camera is too bad to take some good glow-in-the-dark-photos. There is only one of these photos on Etsy:

    Thank you for your comment :-) I'll keep on.