Dienstag, 12. April 2011

My Latest Yarns

Strawberry Cupcake
127 m / 138 yd
104 g / 3,67 uz
10-12 wpi
merino / Bamboo, linen

As you can see I love the colour red :-) Because it's spring I have to spin some colourful yarns.
I saw the first strawberries at the farmer's market - so it's time to bake some delicious strawberry cupcakes. Maybe you also like these cute cakes with a sweet frosting and some little things like sugar pearls and confetti as a decoration? This yarn is already in the shop.

Roses for Mother's Day
159 m / 173 yd
117 g / 4,13 uz
11-13 wpi
merino, wensleydale, mohair

I finished this yarn this morning and have to wash and dry it before I'm able to take good photos. I hope I can list it tomorrow or the day after.
This yarn is super soft and sparkling because I think for mother's day there can't be too little luxury. I really fell in love with the beautiful red roses. (Yesterday I ordered some new roses for some more art yarns.) There are also some red glass beads but you can't see them on this improvised snapshot.

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