Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Two new Yarns

This week was a little more relaxing and so I had some time to spin. My newest yarn is Beltane Fire which is drying and waiting for some good photos. I hope it will be in the shop tomorrow.
It is inspired by the pagan feast day on May 1. It's a spring and fertility festival where people hop over bonfire for fortune and fertility.

Beltane Fire
129m / 141 yd
101 g / 3,56 uz
15 wpi
merino, wensleydale

Underwater Garden
94 m / 102 yd
69 g / 2,43 uz
12-14 wpi
merino, ramie, bamboo

Underwater Garden is already in the shop. It represents the mermaid's and mermen's gardens at the seabed.

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