Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

WIP Wednesday: Frogging

One of my big knitting procets for this year was my Colour Spectrum Scarf. Last year I had the idea to start a big and wide scarf for me. I wanted to knit it from handspun art yarns in a colour spectrum and sometimes blogged about it.
After so much time I'm not pleased any more - I didn't want to finish the project and frogged it.
Now there are four little balls of wonderful art yarns and I don't know what to do with them...

But this was only the first project I frogged after long time.
In March 2011 I started to knit the Cartridge Stitch Neck Warmer (it was a free pattern last year, now you have to pay for it) out of a special yarn (merino, alpaca, soy silk). I had to pause it because I run out of yarn resp. out of undyed light apaca fibre. I searched for the fibres and in summer I got a package from Cheshire Cat who found the right alpaca.

Now I spun a new ball of yarn and after finishing I noticed that the propotions of alpaca and soy silk in the new spun yarn is different than in the one I spun nearly two years ago. And I also can't stand the pattern any more. It's to big and not "special" enough.
I'm a little sad that I don't like the project any more because it was so complicated to find the fibres. But I don't want to knit something I won't wear and so I'll look for a nicer pattern. For the new project I'll try to rotate the two yarns and so I'll able to use it for the same object.

The second half of year 2012 seems to be the right time for removing old and unloved projects - in all kinds of life situations.

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