Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

October Romance

This art yarn is spun for Kathi who wanted to knit a Christmas present. She ordered a red and sparkling yarn and left me free to be creative.
I spun the yarn from different shades of red merino wool and spun in angelina fibre, little red glass beads and my favourite sequins which look like leaves. I love how it turned out because it's a real autumn yarn.

I hope Kathi will get the package today and likes the yarn as much as I do. Maybe she'll send me some pictures of what she knit. I'm curious if she'll knit the present or keep the yarn for her own ;-)
Because this order was a swap I got a new spinning book (hope to receive it today) and a book coupon - thank you, Kathi, for this great barter!


  1. Das sieht ganz traumhaft aus! :) Ich wär auch riesig gespannt, was daraus wird :D

  2. Super schön! Die Blätter und die Farbe... echt klasse!

    Liebe Grüße