Samstag, 11. August 2012

Beware of the Snake!

These days two of my best friends spend a few days at my place. We had a great weekend at a renaissance festival with lots of music, dancing, fire eater, great food and delicious mead.
On Monday I wanted to show them the great landscape around. We picked up a friend of mine and hiked up to Nideggen, a little city in the Eifel hills. We visited Nideggen castle. One of my aunts lives in Nideggen so I spend a lot of time here as a child and love the town.
We visited Aachen and its cathedral, too. I installed a yarn bomb there and will write about it tomorrow.

One of my friends wanted to learn how to spin and so I gave her a spindle and some fibres for her birthday. She loves snakes and therefore I painted a red snake on the hand built spindle. I'm not a painter but I think the spindle turned out very well :-)

(I took the photos before I tried to install the hook and accidently crashed the stick...)

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  1. Die ist wirklich total schön! Ich hoffe, deine Freundin hat sich drüber gefreut!

    Liebe Grüße