Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

WIP Wednesday: New Photos

144 m / 157 yd
80 g / 2,82 uz
black bamboo, merino, linen

 Milky Way
97 m / 106 yd
89 g / 3,14 uz 

Granny Weatherwax
121 m / 132 yd
95 g / 3,35 uz
wensleydale, linen, glow-in-the-dark-fibre

Today I used the great summer sunshine to took some new photos of yarns in my shop. Dark blue fibres are a little bit tricky to catch the right way.
Espacially the new photos of Stardust are very pretty, I think. I love this yarn (and all the others) and hopefully my costumers, too.

Otherwise I'm spinning the fibres I handdyed with black tea. I'll show you some pictures when I'm finished. This won't be an art yarn but a very simple two-ply.

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