Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Happy New Year!

(c) by bupowski

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas / Yule / Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate! Maybe there were some nice wooly presents? I hope so. :-)
Tomorrow, on December 30th, I'm on my way to meet friends in Southern Germany to have some great New Year's days. We will be outside for walks, have a sauna, play boardgames and - as always - eat wonderful food. I'm so glad! Hopefully this will be a great end for this so bad year 2011 and make the following year much more lucky, happy and healthy.
I'll be home on January 2nd and restart shipping yarns on January 3rd. If you like to order some yarns you have to be a little patient.

I wish you a happy new year - have a wonderful party :-)
See you in 2012, which starts with my first shop anniversary.