Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

WIP Wednesday: Still Blue Dust

It's the same like always: I love knitted socks but I'm such a slow sock knitter...
I started my new Blue Dust three (3!!) weeks ago and just finished the first sock. This is so embarassing :-D I don't know why sock knitting is so exhausting and less exciting for me.
But I'll finish this pair and will practise sock knitting in future! They are always so beautiful and nice to wear, this has to be fun.


  1. Die sehen doch schon recht gelungen aus! Die erinnern mich sofort an die Socken meiner Omi, die sie mir immer strickt.

  2. Ganz einfach und selbstmusternd, aber für hirnloses Üben ist das super :-)