Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

WIP Wednesday: Renovation

Long time no hear... Is anybody still there? :-)
I'm so sorry for blogging rarely but my life is currently absolutely messy. Since one and a half week I live at my parents' house in the very little guestroom (it was my parents' room before I moved out). Living with parents and little sister again is really strange and a little stressful. I have to become accustomed with the new situation.

I want to move to my new flat in October. I have to hang wallpaper, paint and lay flooring. I'm glad that I have a lot of help from my cousin. We are no perfect crafswoman but we are a good team, I think.
Hopefully there will be some time and power to spin a little. I brought my spinning wheel with me (Can you see it on the first photo?) and three carded batts. My other fibres and stuff is in the basement and I can unpack it only in October.


  1. Oh, ich kann mir schon vorstellen, dass das nicht so toll ist. Aber zum Glück ist es ja nur eine Übergangsstation.
    LG, Micha

  2. I do see the wheel - say hello, will you? ;-)
    As for living with one's parents again, I don't envy you, but at least it's just one more month until you can move into your very own, wonderful flat! *hug*

  3. @Micha: Zum Glück, ja. Ich bin ja froh, beim Ex raus zu sein. Trotzdem sorgt die Enge hier auch für Konflikte und so. Aber ist ja nicht mehr lange :-)

    @Weird: Of course, I did!! ;-D